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Records Request Form (GRAMA)

  1. Records Request
    Town of Springdale
    118 Lion Boulevard
    P.O. Box 187
    Springdale, UT 84767

    Phone: 435-772-3434
    Fax: 435-772-3952
  2. GRAMA Requests
    Government Records Access Management Act (GRAMA) Request (63G-2-204):
    - Requests must be submitted in writing, preferably on the appropriate request form. Unless an expedited response is requested and approved, the information will be released within 10 business days, unless there are extraordinary circumstances. 63G-2-204(5).
    - Fees will be determined on an individual basis per UCA 63G-2-203, based on the Town's standard administrative fees.
    - If the request is substantial and time-consuming, the applicant may be required to prepay if fees are expected to exceed $50. 63G-2-203(8)(a)(i).
    - If the requestor has fulfilled but unpaid GRAMA requests outstanding, the custodian of the records may require payment of those fees before processing a new request. 63G-2- 203(8)( a )(ii).
    - The town is not required to fulfill a person's records request if the request unreasonably duplicates prior records requests from that person. 63G-2-201(8)(a)(iv).
    - In certain circumstances, particularly if releasing the record primarily benefits the public rather than a person, the custodian of the records may waive fees, upon request. 63G-2-203(4)(a).
    - Processes exist for appealing denial of waivers, denial of access to records, and protesting fees. 63G-2-205, 63G-2-401.

    Standard Administrative Fees:
    - Certified Mail delivery of letters regarding a delinquent account: $10
    - Staff time: The weighted hourly rate for the lowest paid employee with the necessary skill and training required for searching, retrieving, compiling, formatting, packaging, summarizing, organizing and other direct administrative activities needed to fulfill the request: $24.27 per hour. The first 0.25 hour is free.
    - Electronic services fee: When asked to compile a record in a form other than that normally maintained, the Records Officer must first determine it is able to do so without reasonably interfering with the governmental entity’s duties and responsibilities, and, the requester agrees to pay the fee, assessed at $24.27 per hour, for providing the record in the requested form. 63G-2-203. If printing is required, the Town's standard per-page photocopy fees will also apply.
    - Photocopies:
    $0.25 for 8.5 by 11 inch single or double sided on town paper
    $0.35 for 8.5 by 14 inch single or double sided on town paper
    $0.60 for 11 by 17 inch single or double sided on town paper
    $0.05 for any size single or double sided on your own paper
    - Compact Discs used to supply digital copies of data or meeting recordings: $3 each.
    - Standard police reports in paper form: $5 (Staff time may also apply if multiple reports are requested at the same time and if they require redaction.)
    - Police reports requested to be supplied in digital form are subject to electronic services fees in addition to $5 base fee and redaction fees.
    - Returned check fee: $25
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  4. Acknowledgement
    If requested records are classified 'Controlled', acknowledge the following statement.
  5. I hereby acknowledge that I am a physician, psychologist or certified social worker and that I will not disclose controlled information to any person, including the subject of the record, except in response to a lawful order of the State Records Committee or the District Court.
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