File A Notice Of Claim

Under Utah law, an injured party, or the owner of damaged property, or their legal representative must properly file a Notice of Claim against a governmental entity in order for a loss to be considered. A claim must include a brief statement of the facts, the nature of the claim asserted and the damages as far as they are known. The written claim must be signed, dated and submitted to the correct address or email addresses for the entity against which the claim is being made (See Utah Code 63-G-7-401). While use of this form is not required, it is provided as a tool to assist the public in meeting the above requirements.

Please complete all the pertinent part of the attached claim form, add your signature and signature date, then submit the claim as instructed below. You may attach additional documentation of your Notice of Claim such a photos, estimates, witness statements and the like. However, these items can also be submitted later in the claim process.

Email your claim to:

AND (you must send your claim to both addresses)

Mail your claim to:

Town of Springdale

Dawn Brecke

PO BOX 187

Springdale, UT 84767