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Application for Temporary Use

  1. Application for Temporary Use

    Town of Springdale
    118 Lion Boulevard
    P.O. Box 187
    Springdale, UT 84767

    Phone: 435-772-3434
    Fax: 435-772-3952

    Application is hereby made to the Director of Community Development of Springdale, Utah for a temporary use permit pursuant to Section 10-22-4 of the Springdale Town Code for the following:

  2. Applicant Information

  3. Application Fee

    A non-refundable fee of $50 must be paid to the Town at the time this application is filed.

  4. Site Information

  5. Project or Event Description

  6. Additional Information

    Please attach the following information to this application:
    - Cover letter describing the event or project.
    - Notarized statement of ownership or letter of authorization from the owner(s) of the property on which the use is proposed to be located.
    - Plans and drawings, to scale, showing the location, dimensions, materials and uses of all temporary structures, parking, signs, and/or other information appropriate to the application. When more than one location will be used, parking capacities for each location must be provided.
    - Sketches showing location of existing structures on adjacent property.
    - A copy of the organization's liability insurance policy.

  7. Anticipated date of the event, or installation of temporary structures, and the anticipated date that the event shall cease, or temporary structures shall be removed.

  8. Temporary Use Standards

    A temporary use permit may only be issued if the Director of Community Development finds:
    1. That the use is temporary and impermanent;
    2. That the use will not create a nuisance, hazard or interfere with neighboring properties and enjoyment thereof;
    3. That the location will not create a traffic hazard or parking problem in the right of way and that parking is available on-site or at satellite locations by separate permit. Traffic control, if necessary, shall be provided at the expense of the applicant, unless the event is deemed of significant interest to the town, in which case traffic control may be provided by appropriate town or county officials;
    4. That all associated signs conform to the town sign regulations and will be temporary and impermanent;
    5. Copies of health department approval where food items or food products are handled or sold, and in any other situation where health department standards apply;
    6. Copies of UDOT approval shall be obtained if the event or activity will utilize the SR-9 right of way;
    7. That the lot will be kept clean and free from litter and debris at all times;
    8. That landscape and natural vegetation areas will not be injured or trampled and the liability for replacement of any damage which may occur shall be assumed by the applicant;
    9. That adequate on-site sanitary facilities are available or shall be provided by the applicant;
    10. That the applicant shall have sufficient liability insurance for the requested use or event;

  9. Applicant Certification & Signature

  10. I certify that the information contained in this application is true and correct.*

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