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Town Park

Max Occupancy 50


  1. Basketball (optional)
  2. Benches (optional)
  3. Gazebo (optional)
  4. Grill (optional)
  5. Parking (optional)
  6. Pickleball (optional)
  7. Picnic Tables (optional)
  8. Playground (optional)
  9. Restrooms (optional)
  10. Tennis Court (optional)
  11. Volleyball (optional)
  12. Water (optional)

The Town Park is located at about 126 Lion Boulevard and is the park area that surrounds the Canyon Community Center and includes the gazebo and accompanying picnic area, the tennis courts, the volleyball courts, the ball field and other associated areas.


The park facilities include picnic areas, restrooms, barbecues and a playground area with play equipment. The gazebo area may be rented for private, non-commercial events according to the policies. Please review the park use policy and park rental pages for specific details.


View the Parks and Recreation Master Plan (PDF).


  1. Nine Hole Disc Golf

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  2. Basketball

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  3. Gazebo

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  4. Pickleball

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  5. Playground

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  6. Tennis Courts

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