Culinary Water System Documents

Water Quality Report or Consumer Confidence Report

Each year the Town publishes the water quality report required by the State of Utah.  Click here to read the 2021 Water Quality Report (Consumer Confidence Report or CCR).

Water System Master Plan

The Town's culinary water master plan is updated approximately every five years.  The plan includes an analysis of the Town's water system infrastructure and capacities, including water rights, water sources, water treatment, water distribution, and impacts on land use decisions.  A copy of the current plan, the 2023 Culinary Water Master Plan, may be found here.  Previous plan versions may be accessed in the document links below.  

Water Management and Conservation Plan

In 2017, Sunrise Engineering prepared an update to the Town's Water Management and Conservation Plan.  This plan includes recommendations and actions to increase water conservation within the Town.

Additional Water System Planning Documents

Drinking Water Source Protection (DWSP) Plans