Do I Need a Permit?

In order to protect the village atmosphere and character of the town, prevent public nuisances, and promote health and safety, the Town requires permits for various activities you may want to do on your property.

The Town has three different permit processes. Depending on what you would like to do on your property you may need one, two, or all three of these permits. The three different kind of permits are:

Design / Development Review

Design / Development Review is required for any new construction or reconstruction/remodeling which changes the exterior appearance of a building. It is also required for pouring concrete or asphalt. The Design/Development Review ensures your project is in compliance with the Town's zoning and land use regulations, including architectural standards and design guidelines. The Design/Development review requires review by either the Planning Commission or the Director of Community Development (depending on the size of the project).

See below for more information on each permit type.

  1. Building Permits
  2. Excavation & Grading Permits
  3. Sign Permits
  4. Use Permits

Building Permits

 Building Permits are required for new construction, reconstruction, and improvement projects. The Building Permit ensures your construction complies with adopted building codes. The permit requires review by the Building Inspector, and in many cases further review by the Fire Marshal, Engineer, and Utilities Superintendent. Prior to submitting a building permit, a design development review application must be submitted to ensure the development is in compliance with the adopted design standards and guidelines.